Psychotherapy in English – Lublin (psychologist, psychotherapist)

About Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is derived from psychoanalysis and it is a form of treatment that was called the talking cure by one of the Freud’s patients. A patient is encouraged to reveal one’s thoughts, emotions, fantasies or dreams and to talk about important figures and relationships from their lives. They are also encouraged to talk about how they experience a therapeutical relationship. This helps them to understand the origin of the problems and as a result enables them to lead a more satisfying private and professional life.

A psychotherapist by asking questions, giving interpretations and sometimes by staying silent helps patients to become more aware about unconsciousness aspects of their lives that may be the cause of the distress and pain in their life. Psychodynamic psychotherapy involves joined collaboration and engagement of a psychotherapist and a patient in order to comprehend the mechanisms hindering patient’s functioning.

A psychotherapeutical session lasts 45-50 minutes. Usually there are one or two sessions a week. Initial meetings have a consultative form. A psychotherapist along with a patient makes a decision whether psychotherapy is the best and the most appropriate form of aid and then a patient decides whether they want to start psychotherapy.

We offer:

  • individual psychotherapy for adults,
  • psychological help in crisis situations,
  • counselling.

We help people:

  • with depressive symptoms,
  • with personality difficulties,
  • having problems in relationships,
  • with eating disorders,
  • with the experience of psychotic episode.

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